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Lions & Tigers and Bears

Let’s face it, CFL football isn’t always the most exciting sport to watch — unless your gametime snacks include Triple Strenght Indica West Coast teddies. I brought a package of these sweet little guys with me to see the BC Lions take on the Hamilton Tigercats recently, and they kicked in right around the beginning of the second quarter. My waves started coming on around the same time the human wave began making its way around the stadium. From then on, everything was a riot. The halftime show featured like 12 different mascots facing off in a game of giant soccer. (I swear I saw a fox slide tackle a giant tube of toothpaste). Beach balls made their way through the crowd periodically (boy did that capture my attention), and occasionally a pickup truck drove by tossing mini footballs into the crowd. Don’t ask me who won the actual football game, but based on all the cheering, I’m guessing it was us. Either way, it was a ton of fun and the teddies were a better deal than the $12 beers. Just don’t try to bring them in with you. They don’t let you bring in outside food or beverages and I swear I saw an old woman get shaken down for her wine gums.

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