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Boost Your January!'s not the easiest time of year. It's cold, Christmas is over and spring feels like a long, long, looooooooooong way away. Feeling rundown and having a cold is all part of the course, but maybe it shouldn't be like that?!?

Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric health shots might just be the thing to give you an energy boost and here's why...

Lemon: Super, jam packed with Vitamin C...great for your immune system!

Ginger: Super, jam packed with antioxidants...also great for your immune system!

Turmeric: An anti-inflammatory and super, jam packed with antioxidants...that's a triple-stacked sandwich of great things that boost your immune system!

Do you wanna make some?'s how...


1 peeled lemon cut in half

1/2 inch of ginger chopped into slices

1 teaspoon turmeric


A few drops of Mary's tinctures


Blend lemon with a shot glass full of water for around a minute.

Add the ginger and turmeric and blend for a little longer.

Strain the juice.

Add Mary's tincture and pepper to taste.

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