Cookie culture

Bakers can be picky people. I remember the anxiety I felt when testing some of my first batches on friends of mine; friends whose opinions of baked goods I hold in high regard. In the beginning, batch after batch kept coming back: "too dry," or "too much butter," or "no structure." Ya, that's right: structure. Did you even know structure was a thing that a good cookie should have? I didn't. I'd grown up eating those pre-made slice and bake cookies from the grocery store that kind of just spread out like a puddle on the baking sheet. Things get even trickier when you start cooking with cannabis. If you're only in it to put a buzz in your batch, it's easy to lose focus on the flavour, the text

Lions & Tigers and Bears

Let’s face it, CFL football isn’t always the most exciting sport to watch — unless your gametime snacks include Triple Strenght Indica West Coast teddies. I brought a package of these sweet little guys with me to see the BC Lions take on the Hamilton Tigercats recently, and they kicked in right around the beginning of the second quarter. My waves started coming on around the same time the human wave began making its way around the stadium. From then on, everything was a riot. The halftime show featured like 12 different mascots facing off in a game of giant soccer. (I swear I saw a fox slide tackle a giant tube of toothpaste). Beach balls made their way through the crowd periodically (boy

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