Thanksgiving — The Better Choice for Transplants

I’ve got family back in Ontario and I try to make it home most years for the holidays. Truth be told, a lot of people on the west coast come from other places; it’s the laid-back lifestyle out here that attracts so many transplants. But for that same reason, trips home can be stressful—especially during the holidays. It’s easy to fall out of sync with the people you used to be so close with, and the pressure to get along can be overwhelming. It’s a different pace than you’re used to, especially during the big family get-togethers. Christmas is by far the highest stress of them all, so I made the switch to the much friendlier Thanksgiving years ago, and I’ve never looked back. The flights are

When life hands you Lemons...

Make lemon squares. And make them really good, that's our philosophy here at Mary's HQ, because you're already starting from a sour place, so you've got a bit of hill to climb. Plus, when they're sitting right there next to the brownie, they're an underdog. Some people might be thinking they don't need a Mary's Lemon Square unless they're going for tea with their grandma, but you'd be surprised, because it's not only how smooth and subtle the lemon filling is that makes them so good, it's also about the buttery flaky crust. Your friends are always saying you need to be more of an adult, right? Start with a Mary's Triple Strength Indica Lemon Square. Bring some to the next potluck you get inv

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