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Cookie culture

Bakers can be picky people. I remember the anxiety I felt when testing some of my first batches on friends of mine; friends whose opinions of baked goods I hold in high regard. In the beginning, batch after batch kept coming back: "too dry," or "too much butter," or "no structure." Ya, that's right: structure. Did you even know structure was a thing that a good cookie should have? I didn't. I'd grown up eating those pre-made slice and bake cookies from the grocery store that kind of just spread out like a puddle on the baking sheet.

Things get even trickier when you start cooking with cannabis. If you're only in it to put a buzz in your batch, it's easy to lose focus on the flavour, the texture, or (lord help us) the structure. But you know what? After testing so many different recipes until we got it just right, we learned to appreciate the qualities that any true baker worth their salt aspire too, including structure. Which is why I still occasionally offer up a random Mary's Chocolate Chip Cookie to another baker, to gauge their reaction, and how I know that I could slide one onto a plate at your grandma's house and nobody would be the wiser. Well, maybe like a half hour later, when Wheel of Fortune gets way too funny someone would notice, but still, it's a cookie I trust to pass the baker's test.

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